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About this Project:

TPOCC is happy to join GLBTQ Advocates & Defenders and National Center for Lesbian Rights in this groundbreaking project to find Trans and Gender Non-Conforming spokespersons for this project. This is an issue that impacts service members of all races. We must stand up and let our voices be heard. We should always speak for ourselves. The military is a large employer of transgender and gender non-conforming people and people of color. For those that wish to serve, they should serve with dignity and pride and the same rights and protections as all service members. 

Kylar Broadus and the Trans People of Color Coalition (TPOCC) are working with GLAD and NCLR to share the stories of trans people of color who have served, are serving, or want to serve in the US military.

As we work in court to fight President Trump’s ban on military service by transgender people, it is important that both the courts and the public understand that transgender people have been serving with dignity and honor for decades, and that there is nothing about being transgender that makes anyone less qualified to serve.

We want that story to be as complete as possible, including the thousands of trans people of color who have, who are, and who wish to serve.


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact:


About GLAD: Through strategic litigation, public policy advocacy, and education, GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders works in New England and nationally to create a just society free of discrimination based on gender identity and expression, HIV status, and sexual orientation.

About NCLR: The National Center for Lesbian Rights is a national legal organization committed to advancing the human and civil rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community through litigation, public policy advocacy, and public education.


President Trump announced his transgender military ban last summer, first via Twitter and then in an August 25 memo to the Secretary of Defense in which he set out March 23, 2018 as the date for full implementation of his ban. Four legal challenges have been brought against the ban, and in each a federal judge has prevented it from moving forward.

Transgender service members have been serving openly since June 2016 without issue, and there are currently thousands of transgender service members serving with distinction. Four federal courts have issued preliminary injunctions blocking the ban and ordering the administration to maintain the existing open service policy, including processing new transgender recruits, which began January 1. The Department of Justice dropped its appeals of the four injunctions against the ban in late December, and those injunctions remain in place as legal proceedings continue.

NCLR and GLAD have been at the center of the legal fight challenging President Trump’s military ban with two cases, Doe v. Trump, the first of four cases filed against the ban on August 9, and Stockman v. Trump.

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