Working Together

We create partnerships with local, state and national groups for education, support and outreach on trans issues that impact trans people of color...

Powerful Partnerships

We sponsored the Trans Women of Color plenary session at the National Black Justice Coalition’s OUT on the Hill in 2015 and also partnered with NBJC to host The Black Institute at Creating Change 2016 in Chicago for a cutting edge discussion on trans attracted men.

Our Mission

Trans People of Color Coalition exists to advance justice for all trans people of color. We amplify our stories, support our leadership, and challenge issues of racism, transphobia, and trans misogyny.

Advocacy Matters

We engage and advocate on behalf of trans people of color at the local, state and national level on public policy issues


Founded in 2010, TRANS PEOPLE OF COLOR WAS CREATED AS A RESPONSE TO PEOPLE OF COLOR (POC) THAT FELT UNHEARD AND UNDERREPRESENTED IN THE TRANS EQUALITY MOVEMENT. TPOCC became an effort to organize trans people of color to fill the void of representation of POC voices included in making key decisions that impact the trans community at large.